Latimer Joseph Brunotte, affeciatlatly known as Latty, loved the outdoors. He was the second child to Henry and Mary Brunotte, and grew up in Ventura California, where he grew to love the outdoors.  He was a plumber by trade, but loved spend his free time hunting and fishing in the California mountains. Not much is recorded about his family life, but he did marry Laura Leona “Lynne” McCaleb and had two children before their divorce.

Later he married Camille Elizabeth Hyde.

Sadly, his tragic death is what is most remembered.

“He was traveling in rural Ojai, VENTURA, CA, when he stopped to help with an accident. He was 75 feet north of Old City Dump, Ryce Road, when he stepped backwards and fell from the river bank 75 feet to the riverbed below at approximately 9:10 PM. He died at the scene about fifteen minutes later from a cerebral hemorrhage (internal and external) and fractured skull caused by the fall. Other injuries included a fractured left femur. He was cremated on July 6, 1954 at Ivy Lawn Cemetery in Meiner’s Oaks, VENTURA, CA. His ashes scattered over the Ojai mountains where he had spent many happy years hunting and fishing.”  – photo and text courtesy of Deborah Lukens Whittaker.


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